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When you don't have at least a single childhood memory of going to Dairy Queen for you to eat that soft-serve cone or such hot fudge sundae, then perhaps you have been living under a rock. For sure, this is really a beloved sweets shop and such is because of various reasons. Such treats like the banana split and such classic Dilly bar and also the Blizzards are really great choices that would keep you coming back and eat more. But, when you don't much about Dairy Queen, then you should be aware of the different histories behind DQ.


The fantastic recipe of Dairy Queen started in 1938. It was during this year that the original mixture of the soft-serve ice cream was made. However, the first location of DQ just opened in 1940 and this continues to be a city-designated landmark.


Talking about its name, the first store was actually named Dairy Queen because the man who made that soft-serve said that this would be the queen among the different dairy products. Blizzard was then invented in the year 1985. This became very popular back then that Dairy Queen actually sold around 175 million blizzards during the first year alone. There is nothing to worry since there are now many flavors that you can find for Blizzard.


Also, you should know that DQ has such special blizzard which was actually created for royalty. Also, you need to know that the soft-serve has been trademarked as well. Such curly-Q on top of the cone or the cup is considered a signature Dairy Queen move and such is actually a part of the trademark look of the company. 


Well, with the popularity of Dairy Queen, this can now be found in more than 30 countries. When you are thinking about traveling, then you should find one of over 6,000 Dairy Queen shops across the United States, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Japan and also Canada.


You should always remember that under that cup or cone, you are not having an ice cream Tyler Texas. Like what the company says, the DQ brand soft-serve doesn't qualify to be called an ice cream. In order for it to be categorized as ice cream, there should be a butterfat content of about 10 percent and DQ's soft-serve just has five percent of butterfat.


If you are not quite familiar with DQ, then it would be a great thing that you experience their menu if you are able to see a store in one of your travels. For sure, you will not regret going to the place when you are able to get a taste of their food. You must be aware that there are various choices that you can surely find in their menu and such are great for your taste preferences. Get to know more about Dairy Queen Menu Tyler Texas.